12 Best Snow Boots for Winter

12 Best Snow Boots for Winter

1. Sorel ‘Joan of Arc’ Waterproof Snow Boot // 2. Pajar Odessa Waterproof Insulated Snow Boot // 3. New Balance Q416 Waterproof Snow Boot // 4. The North Face ‘Chilkat 400’ Primaloft Insulated Boot // 5. Sorel Whitney Snow Boot // 6. The North Face Shellista Waterproof Insulated Snow Boot // 7. Helly Hansen Tundra Cwb Snow Boot // 8. Sperry Saltwater Duck Boot // 9. Sperry Shearwater Buckle Boot // 10. Sperry Saltwater Duck Boots in White // 11. Royal Canadian Kwantlen Waterproof Snow Bootie // 12. Ugg Ava Waterproof Snow Boot

With winter just right around the corner I feel the need to invest in a pair of snow boots. It’s been years since I’ve had a decent pair and most winters I just try to avoid the snow all together. Now as a mom of two, snow peaks their curiosity more and more and I don’t think I can avoid playing in the snow any longer. Most winters we’re unsure of how much snow we’ll actually get. I can remember some years where it was only a few days in total that we had snowfall and something that actually accumulated. But what if this is the year where the snow just falls constantly and we’re left with a very white Christmas and we have to dig our way out of our house? Then don’t I need a pair of snow boots? Yes I do!

I use to think of snow boots as a uniform. Boots to keep my feet warm and dry but nothing that I would wear beyond the house or for sledding. I never actually considered them a fashion piece, or something that could be worn with my everyday look and as an actual shoe option. You can actually find snow boots that are functional and fashionable.

I really like Sorel boots because they have so many different options and styles. My personal favorite are these snow white boots.

You also can’t pass up the Sperry boots. The shorter styles are similar to the traditional duck boot and come in a variety of different colors. I have 2 pairs on the list just due to the color options. The classic brown and navy is a great go to but the winter white – it gets all the heart eyes!

If you want to get sporty and do some snow adventuring then check out the UGG Exploded Snow Boot. Insulated, waterproof and a thick rubber sole this boot is perfect for the great outdoors.

What’s your favorite pair of snow boots or go to brand?

Shop my top 12 picks for the best snow boots for winter and leave a comment below with your favorite pairs.

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