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Health and Fitness Series

Health and Fitness Series

Before having kids you never would have seen me workout. The thought of sweating was annoying and the handful of times I had an intense workout, I could never get over the pain of how bad it hurt. I would whine and cry and give up vowing never to go back. I didn’t have to go back because I was blessed with great genetics and the ability to eat anything and everything in front of me. I remained a size 0 all through college and only into my late 20’s did I need a size 2 pant. I know I know, but it’s nothing to brag about. I took complete advantage of the body I had. Late nights, gross food and alcohol didn’t seem to affect my body.

After kids, forget about it! My body realized I was over 30, had gained and lost 60 pounds in each pregnancy and I needed to push the restart button and fast. I didn’t love the body I was in and after months of breastfeeding and having babies clinging to my body, I was ready to have it back.

You guys, working out saved me. It gave me a purpose, something to look forward to and a challenge to get my body back. I’m not one of those women that bounces back immediately after giving birth. Man do I wish I was. It’s hard to find acceptance and love yourself after you go through one of life’s amazing miracles. Working out helped manage my post-partum depression and anxiety. Workouts also helped to manage my stress. I know it seems crazy that a workout can manage stress but there were days when Quinn wouldn’t stop crying, Ava needed me more than I could possibly give and a 30 minute workout kept me sane. Sweating, which I once hated, was my way of releasing the stress from my body. Those workouts made me a better mother and allowed me to love them even harder. I set the standard of how to love myself again.

I want to be transparent with you all because social media and blog life tends to only show 1% of my daily life. I struggle, I have bad days and I hit plateaus, just like everyone else. I wanted to start this new Health and Fitness series to be open about my process and share what works for me. I hope that it helps you along your journey as well. As women, we have a hard enough time balancing life, careers and motherhood, so why should we struggle when it comes to our wellness?

Over the course of the next few months I’m going to introduce new posts related to Health and Fitness. My favorite workout apps, my favorite at home work out moves, meal planning prep/recipes, what motivates me and my progress/results.

Share below if there is anything you’d love to hear about or a topic that you want to learn about. I’d love to dig in and try something new if you’re interested as well!

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