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New Year New Finds Under $100

New Year New Finds Under $100

Since I’m on the no new shopping for a few months, it still hasn’t stopped me from wanting to window shop. It keeps me interested in what’s out there and semi-satisfies my need to shop. I think I have an addiction! I’m also back on track with my workout routine and just want to get done one more pant size and looking at new clothes has given me some serious motivation that I needed to get my butt in shape – literally! If my pants become to big, it just gives me a reason to buy something new (eventually) right?

It’s time for a new year new finds and the best part is all of these pieces are under $100. You know I love a good sale find and keeping it all within a budget is the greatest win.

I love a good pair of flares and since they share my name, they are a definite must have.

The softest flannel you’ll ever own. I wish I had picked up a second color when I purchased the first one.

If only every day could be Sunday, but since it’s not this sweatshirt is a great reminder.

The shift dress that looks great on everyone.

Loafers are the one shoe trend that I have never fully explored but this blush pink pair looks comfy and the color is perfect.

What’s on your list of must haves?

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