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We reserve the right to remove any previous posts without notice or explanation. Any comments which are deemed inappropriate, rude, negative, offensive, etc will be deleted without notice or explanation. I do read and note every comment that is submitted.


All content posted, unless otherwise noted, is my own. Hello There, Lady! has a weekly contributor, whose work is her own, unless otherwise noted. If you see something you like on our blog and would like to use it, please just let us know. Drop us an email at jamie@hellotherelady.com with the information. Also, if we forget to give credit when due, simply email us and we will gladly add the correct credit to the proper information/product/item/etc.

Gifts/Sponsored Posts

If you would like to see your products feathered on Hello There, Lady!, please send an email to us at jamie@hellotherelady.com with the subject Sponsored. We do accept gifts and disclose when and where it originated from. At the same time we will only feature products that are associated with our aesthetic and brand of Hello There, Lady!. If posts originate from sponsored products, all thoughts will be that of my own and will not be influenced by others.

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